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Denny Interviews Dean Friedman 10/10/2019

Denny's on the Road at The Hawk, 9/17/19

On SIrius XM's POTUS 3/29/19

Denny's back with Michael Smerconish because when Michael wants to talk Classic Rock, he's got his favorite expert. What's on his mind is touring groups with the name but not the original players. But, as usual, Denny has a story - of a conspiracy theory - that surprises even the very sophisticated Mr. Smerconish.

On Sirius XM's POTUS 11/28/18

You wouldn't think of Denny as a guest on Michael Smerconish's iconic show, POTUS: Politics of the United States, but...

When the noted radio host is also a Classic Rock fan, who loves Classic Rock stories...

You know it's going to be a memorable interview.

Billy Joel's Piano Man 45 years later

Read the story, hear the music, get transported back to the night Billy Joel first headlined a show in Northampton, PA, brought there by young WSAN DJ, Denny Somach.

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