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Legacy Marketing

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Art & Ephemera

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Revitalize Your Career!

Are you podcasting?

There's a revolution in broadcasting and it's not about where you are on the dial. It's digital. It's on demand. Your listeners are all over the world and they're hearing you when they want to. And it's where you tell the stories behind your stories.

We solve your problems.

Let's face it. You're an artist, not a techie. We give you an easy way to reach your audience without the stress of having to learn complicated new machines. Your podcast is as simple as answering your phone and then answering our questions.

You're part of the Classic Rock family.

Your podcast is special, because it's about you. We help you present yourself in the most effective way for you - for your fans - for your career. Whether it's audio only, audio plus video, special guests, Classic Rock art backdrops, vintage interview material, production, or interview services, we're your one stop. 

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