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Audio & Video Production & Content Licensing for Producers


Legacy Marketing for Classic Rock Artists


Audio, Video, Art & Ephemera for Serious Collectors/Researchers


Legacy Marketing Through Visual Podcasting


Are you podcasting?

There's a revolution in broadcasting and it's not about where you are on the dial. It's digital. It's on demand. Your listeners are all over the world and they're hearing you when they want to. And it's where we help you tell the stories behind your stories.

Visual Podcasting by Denny Somach Productions.

Visual Podcasting is a method of podcast production that enhances audience connection through the visual enhancement of content. Most podcasting begins with the story and then adds visual content that matches the auditory in order to make it run on visual platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. 

Visual Podcasting begins with the visual experience. The podcaster begins with the memorabilia of their life story: photos, film, video, writings, the ‘tools of their trade’ and lifelong collections. These are used to direct the outflows of their stories into coherent chunks, easily turned into podcast ‘snacks’ – easily digestible and shareable bites of the podcaster’s life story. Because the podcaster is focused on the visual, they speak in a more holistic manner, which transmits the big picture, even to those who are listening in typical podcast format, audio only. And DSP is there to guide you.

As podcasts become more familiar to broader audiences, they will seek them out even when they are not visually occupied, as with driving or exercising. These fans will not only be attracted to the medium of visual podcasts, but will be more willing to pay for subscriptions and membership in a like-minded community that preserves and promotes your legacy.

You're part of the Classic Rock family.

Your podcast is special, because it's about you. We help you present yourself in the most effective way for you - for your fans - for your career. Whether it's audio only, audio plus video, special guests, Classic Rock art backdrops, vintage interview material, production, or interview services, we're your one stop for podcasts that matter. 

Content Licensing & Creation

DSP's Classic Rock Archives contains exclusive interview material!

Covering the spectrum of Classic Rock from its roots through the modern evolution made possible by new technologies, our Archives provide exclusive audio and video for license to producers world wide.  

Whatever the need, we are your connection to classic artists and their legacy, through our extensive library of historic interviews, data, and ephemera.

And, because our archives are so extensive, and our research is all encompassing, you need not be concerned with being shut out when an important need arises for critical content other sources can't supply.


For Serious Collectors and Researchers

Audio, Video, Art, & Ephemera.

Serious collectors and researchers can find what they are looking for in the DSP Classic Rock Archives, including the largest collections of Classic Rock-cover art and other ephemera.

Our curated exhibits have been featured at events and are available for tour, exhibition or permanent acquisition.

In addition, Mr. Somach regularly tours, speaking and interviewing live at industry and private events. He is also available for research assistance.